Old Chester Hills was developed by Wade & Wichard from late 1954 to 1957.  Resembling an old New England settlement, Old Chester Hills lies on rolling, richly tree-dotted land in Huntington, New York.  The individual homes, set along winding country lanes, conform to that terrain so ranch homes have an expanse of broad lawns, while split level homes rest on hillsides for which they were meant.  Each home in Old Chester Hills occupies approximately one acre of grounds, landscaped to the part of the community scene as a whole.

Today, Old Chester Hills contains 234 homes and is accessible by only three entrances: one onto Godfrey Lane from Little Plains Road, one onto Grenhill Lane from Little Planes Road and one onto Godfrey Lane from Warner Road.


Old Chester Hills History

The land that was developed into what is now known as "Old Chester Hills" was sold by Walter and Margaret Beh to the original builders, Wade & Wichard on May 18th, 1954.

Walter Beh was born in New York City in 1882 and Margaret Buser Beh, a native of . . .

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Berkeley Jackson Park

Old Chester Hills abuts Berkeley Jackson County Park, a 100-acre hidden gem with access only for walking and hiking.  The western part of the park contains the remnants of two former sand quarries. . .

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Oakes Cemetery

Designated a Town of Huntington Historic Site in 1980, the Oakes Cemetery is protected in Old Chester Hills at the intersection of Beaverhill Lane and Whistlerhill Lane.

In memory of Ephram Oakes a soldier of the Revolution . . .

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Old Chester Hills Civic Association, Inc. is a New York Domestic Not-For-Profit Corporation filed September 28, 1956.
Huntington, NY 11743